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GLASS AND PLEXI-GLASS (acrylic) - We can cut glass (single-strength) and acrylic (.1") to size usually while you wait.  Glass sizes up to 36" x  48".  Acrylic sizes up to 24" x 48".

PIPE CUTTING AND THREADING - We cut and thread galvanized and black pipe from 1/2" up to 2" and in lengths up to 21'.  We also carry pre-cut lengths up to 60".

KEYS DUPLICATED - We carry hundreds of house, auto, padlock, and misc. key blanks and can cut them to duplicate your key.  We also have a wide assortment of key accessories.

AUTO CHIP KEYS OR TRANSPONDER KEYS - We can clone 80% or more of the electronic chip keys in service today and we can do it for a fraction of the dealer price.  We also cut sidewinder (or laser cut) keys.

LOCKS REKEYED - Sometimes it may be less expensive and easier to rekey your existing locks rather than replace them.  We can do that for most common door locks.  

WINDOW SCREENS MADE AND REPAIRED - We can rescreen your old screens (if the frames are in good ahape) or build you new screens to fit your windows.  We can do regular screens or solar screens which block 60% to 80% fo the suns harmful rays.  

SHARPENEING SERVICE - We have an outside service that can basically sharpen anything with an edge.  From knives to hedge clippers to paper cutters to scissors to drill bits to saw blades.  We also sharpen chain saw chains and lawnmower blades in house, usually while you wait.

U.S. POST OFFICE - We have a U.S. Post Office contract station within our store.  We can mail your packages or letters and sell you stamps and mailing products right here.  No long lines or hassles.

PROPANE EXCHANGE - Bring your empty bottle in and we will exchange it for a full one.  No waiting in the rain and cold for someone to fill your bottle.

COMPUTERIZED COLOR MATCHING - Bring in that color sample, magazine, fabric or whatever, and our color matching computer can generate a formula for us to mix your color in one of our great paint brands.  Or, pick from one of our 1000 or more paint chips and color brochures.  We can help you find the paint color you are looking for.



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